Monthly Archives: April 2007

A Few Recent Miniatures


In this post I’ll introduce a few miniatures I made recently. If you like them or if you are interested in these miniatures please leave a comment.

The miniature of an old musician: this miniature shows a musician in a somber mood. It shows a Balochi figure (from Balochistan province of Pakistan) holding a musical instrument. it is a realistic modern miniature. I have tried to depict Balochi cultural side in Pakistan. Old man is holding an instrument called Surando.The name of instrument, Surando is based on ” Surayindah” a Persian word for one who produced.It was used by their natives and is still practiced. The “Shawl” is an another object added to render the typical dressing of Balochi people.

Next is a single figured composition. Representing a Mughal princess, special place and care is given to the jewelry and the dressing. Behind the figure is a typical mughal landscape with minute details, it is painted according to the traditional mughal style. Sharp and contrasting colours are prefered to make it more
eye catching .i.e. black,yellow,green and orange are most prominent of all.

I hope you enjoyed these.