MughalI hold a Masters of Arts from  Lahore College For Women University, Lahore, Pakistan.

My work has been featured in newspapers. It is available in these galleries. If you would like to know more about my paintings please leave comments on the blog and I’ll contact you.


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  1. Hi Samia,

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  2. Salam Alekum,

    You have nice painting regarding Mughals. I am from New Delhi, workin in Dubai.

    I found in one of the site that some family members of Mughal Empire are living in Lahore. Now, the head of the family is Shahzada Mirz Shahrukh Javaid Jah. As we know they belong to a ruling family who ruled united India for a long long time.

    Is it possible if you let me know about them.

    Thanks a lot. Hope for a reply from you.

    Rizwan Khan

  3. hi…..well i liked ur work …….hmmm would like to see more miniature painting …………………i had doubt , how do u research about the grand clothes frm bygone era? i am into making beautiful clothes[dead term fashion]……..anyways would like to know ur id …………..see u

  4. found this blog accidentally.

    liked the balochi painting…there is something about his expression that you have captured well…

    i will use it for a poem of mine, with your permission

  5. Hello,

    I have come across your painting and it is quite exquisite i tell you! My name is sara and i am trying to feature artistic works of girls from all over the world into an online sisterhood type book. Please let me know if you are interested in being featured in this book? Thank you!



    • Good to know that u r fine arts student and interested in miniatures. well miniatures is a vast medium and usually done in many techniques like Gouache that is almost done like water colors, padaakh that is done with putting small dots together according to the middle tone darker tone medium tone, this technique can also be done with Gouache technique, another one is neem rang in which along with dots and gouache u can add small amount of thick color as done in poster color technique in ur painting just to give that area a focal point.. adding color with dots differs this technique from padaakh and thus it is called neem rang neem means something in small amount size or shape etc yani urdu main keh skte hain thorha sa and last one is called gad rang it is all done as u apply poster colors but with shading. although painter have introduced so many other new techniques in miniatures but first they deal with the basics that i have mentioned above. i hope u this mail ll help u…if u have any other confusions u may ask again. tc

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